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About Allie

Allie Rose is an Award Winning actor and audiobook narrator, based near NYC where she records from her pro-home studio, narrating for solo, dual and multicast titles.


The stunning recording studio is a professionally converted attic near the beach, with floating floor, ceiling and walls and purpose built acoustic panels and cherry diffusers. It has a noise floor of -78DB approx.


Here Allie has recorded AAA games, Superbowl commercials and award nominated TV PSA / narration. The studio has been voted a top 50 professional Voiceover firm. 


Allie is well known for her husky, textured voice which is in demand for audiobooks and video games. She has a penchant for secrets and sin and loves a bad boy (or girl). 

When not recording Allie loves practicing yoga & pilates... well it is so important to stay flexible ;)


Main Characters: British RP, British Neutral, Cockney, Yorkshire, West Country, Gen Am, Scottish, Welsh, 

Secondary Characters: French, German, Russian, Italian

Allie works with all audiobook publishing houses and indie authors and is excited to bring your words to life with her textured, alluring voice.

Happy Clients

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